Gaming Plans for June 2021

Over the past weekend I’ve finally made the jump into a couple of new MMO’s after playing The Old Republic and Star Wars Galaxies almost exclusively since… well, forever.

My intentions for May were to play through SWGLegends‘ new Bespin expansion, but when the patch notes revealed that access to the new quests required completion of the Hoth Heroic (which I’ve yet to do on the server), my enthusiasm waned. Although I’m in a helpful guild, my current schedule hasn’t been ideal for organising group content, so instead I found myself playing a bit more of SWTOR‘s new Galactic Seasons system, which is somewhat more solo friendly.

Overall, May was a bit of a write-off as the UK lockdown came to an end and I had to return to my job in hospitality. Things are suuuper stretched across the board in that industry right now and as such the return to long shifts on my feet all day following five months of sitting around the house totally wiped out any enthusiasm for all extracurricular activities except sleep.

I’ve just about hit my stride again now though so hopefully June will be a heap more productive with regards to gaming. Since I finished my degree I’ve definitely been feeling more of an urge to dive into a new game rather than return to my safety blanket MMO’s. As such, this weekend I decided to take the plunge and purchase the FFXIV Complete Edition (PC) while it was on sale, and I also downloaded DCUO on the Switch as I’ve been wanting to see how a console MMO would work.

I’ve only managed to clock a combined 10 hours into them over the past couple of days, so I don’t have any real opinions so far. I will say however that it’s nice to find myself in the mindset where I’m eager to figure out new systems and not just submit to the frustrations that often come with starting a new MMO.

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