Gaming Plans for October 2021

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these. In fact it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Things have begun to ease up a little at work lately though so I’ve actually been able to spend a little bit of time playing games… which is somewhat essential if you’re actually wanting to write about the medium.

September saw me getting pretty invested in Final Fantasy XIV after several months of slogging my way through to see if it really does get as good as everybody says it does. As the end of the 2.x MSQ content rolled around I definitely got a glimpse of that greatness, and as a result of that I found myself properly looking forward to logging in for the first time since I started playing (and it only took me 70-something hours!). As such I’m going to continue slowly making my way through the MSQ in a probably hopeless attempt to be ready for the launch of Endwalker next month.

A little old game called New World launched at the end of September so out of pity I decided I had better check that out. Turns out the game has been kind of popular and thus I haven’t really played that much of it at all. I’ve enjoyed what little I have played, but I certainly have some reservations which I’ll be talking about in a blog post later this week.

Another new release is just on the horizon, and it comes in the slightly smaller form of the indie MMO (or T(iny)MORPG as the game’s developers Might and Delight are calling it) Book of Travels. Much as with New World I’ve gone out of my way to not read or watch too much stuff about the game, but the sales pitch alone has me interested so I’ll be sure to make at least a little bit of time for this one when it launches on 11th October (or now if you happen to have backed the game on Kickstarter).

And just because those three games won’t be quite enough to fill my limited free hours I also want to hop back into SWG Legends at some point and bag myself some of the Galactic Moon Festival rewards. It’s neither Star Wars-y, nor iconic, but I’m a sucker for the spooky season.

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