Gaming Plans for December 2021

Last month I predicted that New World would dominate my gaming time in November much as it did the month before. As it would happen however that wasn’t the case at all. Although I was still having quite a bit of fun in the game, the constant exploits and Amazon’s general lack of communication just made me start to doubt whether I really wanted to be spending more time in the game at this point (I’m going to be publishing a post addressing my feelings about the game sometime in the next few days).

Most of the month was instead split between FFXIV and SWG Legends. In the former I finally managed to get through Heavensward and its post-expansion content, and as with ARR I found the ending of the story to be well worth enduring the rather boring hours of build up. Actually, that is underselling it. I LOVED the ending to this expansion. It was beautiful – without a doubt the most emotion I’ve ever felt from an MMO story. All of those “boring hours of build up” were in hindsight entirely necessary for me to become so attached to the characters. I only wish the gameplay itself was a little more engaging so that I didn’t just feel compelled to plough through it to get to the good bits of the story.

Frisson (UK/ˈfriːsɒn/ FREE-sonUS/friːˈsoʊn/ free-SOHN[1][2] French: [fʁisɔ̃]; French for “shiver”), also known as aesthetic chills or musical chills is a psychophysiological response to rewarding auditory and/or visual stimuli.

Meanwhile, my decision to get back into SWG Legends came about as a result of editing my book as I prepare for the release of its new edition. It’s something that has been a long time coming as I’ve logged into the game several time since I hit the level cap early this year, but I’ve always been unable to figure out what it is I actually want to be doing in the game. This time around I spent a little while (only a few minutes really) to just open a new page in OneNote and jot down a list of things that I would like to achieve in the game. Some of these were things I had done back on the live servers and other things weren’t. I’ve been adding to the list since then, but I’ve also already managed to tick a few boxes off now that I can easily pick something to focus on before each play session.

I’m going to continue playing SWG Legends through December as I’ve gotten a bit of a thing going in my guild where I’m able to run some group content a couple of nights a week. I’m also looking forward to the annual Life Day festivities – it really doesn’t feel like Christmas to me until I get my Wookiee paintings on the wall and can hear these tunes playing in the game’s NPC cities.

Things are starting to get heated as I progress through the Stormblood expansion but I’m ready to take a little break from the game to play SWTOR‘s new expansion this month. I would’ve loved to have blown through the rest of FFXIV so I could play Endwalker this month too, but alas that isn’t the case. Still, I’ve been away from SWTOR for far too long now and I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes in Legacy of the Sith. The developers have been talking this expansion up as something of a new beginning in the game as it heads into its second decade of live service and I’m excited to find out if that really is the case.

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