Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – March 2022


Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of the Rogue Server Roundup. This month’s theme is… Quality of Life enhancements!

Yep, another very slim month for new Star Wars Galaxies content, but I can only guess that servers are holding back some big patches for May 4th.

SWG: Beyond (Custom NGE rogue server)

If you have an Anakin-like urge to kill all the Tusken’s then Beyond has you covered this month with its new Hardmode version of the Tusken Army Heroic. Promising “mounted combat, new bosses and new mobs”, you’ll need to bring along 15 friends if you want to have a chance of saving Mos Espa.

New rewards include “Ebon Tusken Armor”, buffs, mounts and more.

An Empire in Flames (SWGEmu-based server)

Surprising absolutely no one, the Empire in Flames team has this month delivered yet another awesome game addition you never knew you wanted. Crafters can now make single-hand gloves, allowing you to follow in the footsteps of the Skywalker clan.

They’ve also snuck a whole bunch of items intended for future content into their March patches, fixed a heap of bugs, and added the option for players to lock their toolbar.

SWG: Legends (Custom NGE rogue server)

LegendsMarch update dropped another long list of QoL updates on the server, addressing many of the resolutions from their Senate program. Chief among them was a rebalancing of crafted space components, enhancements to house placing, and a new set of armour for Rebels.

SWG Expanded (Custom content for SWG Source servers)

A new quest which continues the Daughters of Allya questline, and new Jedi and Sith Council Robes are highlights from Expanded‘s March update.

SWG Restoration III (Custom CU rogue server)

Sneaking in at the very last hour of the month, Restoration dropped their own long list of bug fixes and QoL updates, chief among them being changes to the way inspiration and doctor’s buffs are handled.

Amazon needs to show more commitment if New World is to do anything but stagnate


Yesterday saw the launch of New World‘s Heart of Madness Update. Following in the footsteps of every other MMO update from the past six months it’s touting itself as being the conclusion of the game’s current main storyline. This feels a little strange considering that the game hasn’t been knocking around for very long, but I’m not entirely against the idea – it would be refreshing to have an MMO which doesn’t feel the need to drag its stories out over the course of years.

What is stranger though is that the conclusion to a storyline is usually an event reserved either for, or in anticipation of, an expansion. So far, we’ve heard nothing from Amazon Games which suggests that such a thing is in the pipeline, but it seems quite obvious that this is exactly what the game needs right now.

While parts of the games industry (no longer bound by the limitations of physical media) have moved away from the expansion pack model, it is a content delivery format which still retains a potent effect on the communities of MMOs. This is mainly because an endless, steady stream of update patches (be they content releases or bug fixes) is to be expected of any game in the genre save those which have been placed in maintenance mode. These updates are often a cause of excitement within the game’s existing community and may even provoke lapsed players to poke their heads back in again, but they rarely cause ripples in the wider sphere of conversation.

MMOs are low-priority coverage for non-genre specific sites at the best of times. Take, for example, Guild Wars 2‘s recent expansion End of Dragons – an expansion which has been both commercially successful and well received by its community. It has a total of nine critics reviews on Metacritic, less than the 2022 indie PC exclusive Strange Horticulture. An expansion isn’t guaranteed to get the hype train moving outside of genre circles, but Guild Wars 2 is a much older game and one which wasn’t recently one of the most played games ever on Steam.

This fact alone has people invested in New World‘s future in a way that the general gaming populace isn’t in other MMOs outside of World of Warcraft and maybe Final Fantasy XIV. The consensus opinion seems to be that the game is now doomed; each update a mere death spasm. As such the news cycle for this game now rests on either its redemption (an expansion) or the demise that will vindicate the naysayers. It’s no surprise therefore that the Heart of Madness Update is garnering little attention from the mainstream gaming press.

Even fewer articles reported on the release of the game’s 2022 roadmap earlier this month. Again, it’s easy to see why. While it wasn’t necessarily a bad vision of the game’s future, it offered neither anything to get truly excited about nor anything which seemed to confirm everyone’s suspicion that Amazon was set to abandon the game. Like the Heart of Madness Update, it was essentially non-news to anybody but the game’s existing playerbase.

It’s the sort of roadmap that players of an older, mid-tier MMO would be content with (content, but not necessarily enthused). The sort of roadmap that will keep a good percentage of the game’s 15,000 or so daily players hanging around a little bit longer. The sort of roadmap where people are paying a whole lot more attention to the small print at the bottom than the contents of the roadmap itself.

That small print reads: “This roadmap may change and does not include all planned content”. Fairly standard issue for this sort of thing, but in this instance a huge amount is riding on it. The optimist in us all is inclined to read it and instantly draw the conclusion that this “planned content” is an expansion pack whose announcement is being held back for some big industry event in the coming months.

Truthfully however this is really the bare minimum of what we should reasonably be expecting from New World – the flagship game from one of the globe’s largest companies. A company which has shown, through the stacks of money it has thrown at its Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings TV adaptations, just how eager it is to build itself an IP empire. It’s hard to argue that New World‘s story is anything more than good enough, but it’s a plenty strong foundation to build upon.

If Amazon wants to show the kind of commitment that will get people to sit up and take notice of this game in a way that isn’t just validating their theories that it’s “a dead game”, then they’ll announce an expansion and a whole lot more. A TV show, an animated series, books, comics, heck, the game doesn’t even have a freaking “The Art of” book and every piece of screen media has one of those these days.

I’m not even suggesting that I would want or care about any or all of these things, but in the current age of franchise-building, they’re what I would expect. However, this is perhaps a wider problem within Amazon – consider the aggressive merchandising of Netflix’s Stranger Things compared to Amazon’s The Boys. Still, the fact that we don’t even see so much as a damned New World Funko Pop over six months after the game has launched can’t help but make me suspicious (trust me though I really don’t want one of those).

Despite this, I still plan on returning to New World at some point later this year. I enjoyed the sixty or so hours that I spent there at launch and would have stuck around for longer if things weren’t so unstable. Amazon seems to have steadied the ship somewhat since then, but their lack of transparency on the game’s future has replaced that initial deterrent with another. Its buy-to-play business model is a boon for the consumer, but at some point, the game is going to need to start coaxing money from wallets. I don’t think the game is headed to the graveyard anytime soon, but if Amazon doesn’t prove that they consider New World a premier IP in their portfolio then I truly worry that the studio’s only intention is to slowly transform the game into just another heavily monetised whale-draw.

Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – February 2022


Yay… it’s Ewok Festival of Love month… … … OK, I have to confess, I struggle to conjure up any real interest in this holiday event. As a real-world holiday, I’ve always ignored Valentine’s Day (sorry Mrs MMOFolklorist-to-be), and the imagery of love hearts, teddy bears and cupids doesn’t appeal to me in the same way that those other two great MMO holiday event inspirations do (those being Halloween and Christmas of course). Still, in the great MMO spirit of giving players something, anything to do to keep them from playing something else (and this month had a whole lot of something else to tempt gamers away), a lot of servers flicked the switch to activate this silly little annual event.

Most of the servers that are running the event are offering some kind of custom quest or reward(s), and many have also used the opportunity to patch in some other tweaks and hotfixes. Beyond, Legends, Prophecy, Restoration III and Sunrunner II are all still running the event as of the start of March, so if neon angel wings and halos are your idea of Star Wars-y and iconic then by all means go jump on over to one of those servers while the going’s good.

This new decoration over on SWG: Legends is pretty much the one good thing to come out of the EFOL. Ever.

Dark Rebellion (SWGEmu-based server)

Usually, the news of yet another Galaxies server launching is something to be met with a groan, but Dark Rebellion is promising something quite different. Describing itself as “not a play server“, the game’s mechanics have been opened up by its developer to offer an immersive roleplaying experience.

Set in an alternate canon where the Empire was victorious in the Battle of Endor, players can customize the appearance of their character any way they want (without the need for crafted clothing) and jump straight into the original story with regularly hosted live events. The tabletop RPG inspirations even extend to a D20-bas skill system, which crucially means that players won’t have to grind skills to become the character they want to be.

While my unceasing state of self-consciousness has always quelled any interest I have in roleplaying proper, the concept behind this server has me very interested in seeing how it develops. You can jump into the Alpha now, and check out the roadmap to see what’s planned for the coming months.

SWG: Legends (Custom NGE rogue server)

Legends celebrated its sixth anniversary at the end of February, and in return, it’s giving away some new paintings and a cantina-hopping Instant Transport Vehicle. Players can also finally set up home on Bespin – provided they’ve got enough credits. One of a limited number of stunning apartments can be yours for the hefty sum of 25 million credits, making the new abodes not only a good bragging right but a considerable credit sink for a game whose economy has always been quite rampantly out of control. Bree over at MassivelyOP has some great shots of the interiors, but what’s really exciting is to think of what players will do with the new apartments once they start decorating them.

SWG Expanded (Custom content for SWG Source servers)

If The Book of Boba Fett has got you hankering for more Mandalorian content in your SWG then Expanded has you covered with its latest content release – the Death Watch Armor Pack. Featuring a colour scheme and armour piece combination more closely resembling their Expanded Universe aesthetic, any server is free to add this content to their own provided they give credit.

An Empire in Flames (SWGEmu-based server)

OK, technically this patch dropped on the first of March, but it’s out there and it’s a juicy one so I’m covering it now. EiF has added yet another two species, Arkanian and Echani, to its already huge list of player races. They’ve also added further customization options to the Chiss and Dathomiri witch races.

Furthermore, they’ve teased the addition of “worn weapons”, such as a wrist-mounted flame thrower.

SWGEmu (Pre-CU vanilla emulator)

And finally, in a double-whammy of not-so-great news, SWGEmu announced that its Basilisk test server will be coming offline in the very near future. This news isn’t really all that bad as the Finalizer server has pretty much resulted in Basilisk having no legitimate reason to exist anymore, but it’s still kind of bittersweet to see such an important part of SWG‘s history disappearing. The devs have shared that it’s unlikely that the server will make it to its monumental tenth anniversary in June, but they have promised to send the server out with a big event.

SWG RPG (Unreal Engine 4 remake)

While SWGEmu will live on, the same can’t be said for the SWG Unreal Engine 4 remake, which sadly ceased development this month following legal action from Disney. While it was always unlikely that this project would ever make it to release without attracting a little too much unwanted attention, it seems that the dreaded day has arrived sooner than we would have all liked.

While it won’t be the game we all wanted to see, the mysterious developer behind the project has vowed to continue building a similar game without the Star Wars IP attached. What they managed to accomplish in porting SWG to the new engine was quite incredible, so I wish them all the best in their future developing endeavours.

Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – January 2022


Mirroring the rest of the MMO industry, January has been another slow month for SWG rogue servers. Like last month however, we’ve been given a glimpse into what 2022 and beyond holds for a few more servers. February looks set to be a big month for MMO players with Lost Ark finally launching in the west alongside new expansions for Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic. SWG players don’t seem all that drawn to the new shinies these days so I’m not sure it would put off any developers from releasing new updates, but we’ll see. We can always rely on the Ewok Festival of Love I guess…

SWG Restoration III (Custom CU rogue server)

Last year’s breakout SWG server gears up for its 1.0 launch later this year with a new roadmap detailing what players can look forward to in its first three major publishes. It’s an ambitious outlay, with pretty much every aspect of the sandbox getting a revamp. However, unlike many other SWG rogue servers, the folks at Restoration seem to be taking the approach of bringing the game’s systems in line with those of modern MMOs rather than trying to build upon the original design ethos. It gives the impression that the team are aiming for more of a revolution than an evolution (or indeed a simple restoration).

Developers promising a “modern” version of Star Wars Galaxies isn’t anything new, but Restoration‘s professional marketing and community management give me hope that this may indeed be the real deal. They’ve designed a progression style content unlock system for the 1.0 launch; including “a Casino, a Huttball Arena, and a Podracing Track”, as well as new playable species arriving in their 1.1 patch.

Further down the line, they’re promising a new endgame levelling system, capital ships, a new planet, and the Death Star II. If you’re interested in joining the burgeoning Restoration III community you can play today, safe in the knowledge that there won’t be a server wipe prior to the still undated 1.0 release.

SWG: Beyond (Custom NGE rogue server)

Not all servers shied away from releasing new content this month, with the Beyond server dropping their version of the Secrets of the Syren themepark. Players can receive some exciting new rewards for completing the themepark, including a personal starship terminal to install in their homes. There have also been some QoL updates including a new Space Component Analyzer function and an updated AFK policy.

SWG Awakening (SWGEmu-based server)

Meanwhile, the Awakening server released their Publish 10 update, bringing the codebase up to date with SWGEmu‘s own Publish 10.5. There’s not any original content besides, but there have been some server-specific tweaks, as well as the implementation of custom bounty hunting and house pack-up systems.

An Empire in Flames (SWGEmu-based server)

Back to the arena of future content teasers we got a look at a new ship design headed to the Empire in Flames server – the Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing.

SWG Expanded (Custom content for SWG Source servers)

And SWG Expanded gave us a look at a host of new weapons, a new royal guard skin for the TIE Defender, and an updated character appearance for Grand Admiral Thrawn among other previews of upcoming content.

Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – December 2021


While Life Day dominated the headlines of many SWG rogue servers throughout this customarily update-lite month of the year, one major story managed to ignite the community. The launch of SWGEmu‘s Finalizer server came out of nowhere this month to cap off what has been a banner year for the game.

SWGEmu (Pre-CU vanilla emulator)

A few years back SWGEmu‘s Basilisk was by far the most populated server for those looking to get their Galaxies fix following the game’s official shutdown. The lure of new content and rulesets has seen players migrate to other servers which use the SWGEmu code, while the release of the Galaxies source code – including the Jump to Lightspeed expansion – has drawn players towards those servers. Basilisk’s population and reputation has been in a downward spiral for a while now with nine years of history built on top of unfinished code having taken a drastic toll on the game’s economy.

It seemed as though the SWGEmu team would ride it out until its 1.0 milestone was reached (something that we still don’t have a timeframe for), but early this month the team dropped a poll on its community asking whether they would play a fresh server launching with the game’s most recent updates. From there, things progressed at a head-spinningly rapid rate. More than 1000 players took the poll with a strong majority declaring that they would play on a new server. A day after the results were posted another post detailed the specifics of the new server, and within a week of that post, the new server was launched. Something tells me the SWGEmu team was prepared for what the results of the poll were going to be.

Going forward the team plan to treat Finalizer as a testbed for changes to the original Publish 14.1 code that they are aiming to replicate for their own 1.0 launch. They’re also planning on hosting more events such as the Jabba’s Eve Classic which took place on New Year’s Eve.

The new server has certainly gotten off to a good start with concurrent player numbers consistently rising just above 1000. Counted amongst them are SWG streamers Napyet and Mobyus1 who have both been uploading a host of Finalizer-related content to their YouTube channels including Let’s Play’s, guides and analysis.

Elsewhere, most servers snuck in a few fixes and the like with their Life Day patches, but mostly this month was about looking forward to 2022, with several servers teasing upcoming content.

Sunrunner II (SWGEmu-based server)

Server admin Takh polled players on how they would like the server to progress. Ultimately it was decided that priority would be placed on merging the server’s code with the latest SWGEmu release following an expedited release of Mandalore. A “new game system” was teased as coming later in the year before the team would return to further flesh out content on Mandalore.

A host of short videos was also posted to YouTube this month giving a sweeping tour around the server’s many original planets. Check out this one of Mon Cala, featuring Star Wars Galaxies’ first underwater zone.

SWG Expanded (Custom content for SWG Source servers)

We got a look at what SWG Expanded have planned for the whole year in their ambitious and varied roadmap:

ProjectSWG (Custom NGE emulator)

While ProjectSWG announced that they would be concentrating on developing their CU emulator in 2022.

SWG: Legends (Custom NGE rogue server)

Issue #12 of the Community Transmission didn’t offer much in terms of what we can expect from the server in the coming year, but it did reaffirm that Bespin apartments should be available to purchase in the not too distant future.

December also saw the return of the Remembering Carrie Fisher event which was watched over by 160 players, as well as the 10 Years Later: A Galaxy Remembered event which saw 242 players attending.

The MMO Folklorist’s Guide to Galaxies


OVER 15 YEARS AFTER STAR WARS GALAXIES FIRST LAUNCHED, THE MMO FOLKLORIST’S GUIDE TO GALAXIES IS A CELEBRATION OF THE BELOVED ONLINE ROLE-PLAYING GAME. This comprehensive guide gives those who played the game – and those who never got the chance – an opportunity to relive the nostalgia and excitement of this landmark entry into the MMORPG genre.

The History of Star Wars Galaxies

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The Legacy

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[This book was originally published in 2018 as Galaxies: An Empire Remembered]

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An Empire Revisited: Witches, Beasts & Friends


It’s been a whole year since I last did a new entry in this column. After hitting the level cap very early on in the year I hit a roadblock where I just didn’t know what I wanted to do in the game. I had a lot of other stuff going on at the time and the lack of any grouping tools just made the whole prospect of doing endgame stuff seem like too much effort. I wanted to jump back in when Bespin hit, but when it turned out that to begin the story you had to have completed the Hoth Heroic (group content which I had yet to get round to), I just bounced into a different game altogether.

Players can journey over to SWG Legends‘ Bespin, but they can’t begin the main questline until they have partaken in the Battle of Echo Base Heroic. For a non-story-driven game this kind of seems like an arbitrary design choice.

Around October however, I started to get the urge to return. The Galactic Moon Festival and Life Day feel as much an integral part of the holidays for me as putting up (real world) decorations and watching Home Alone, so that was a major contributing factor.

I did jump back into the game to check out the Galactic Moon Festival stuff, but I was still a bit lost as to what other reason I had to be in the game. The idea of getting back into the swing of things wouldn’t leave me though, so I decided to sit down and make a list of all the content I’d like to experience in the game. Some of it was stuff I had done years ago on the live servers and some of it was Legends exclusive content. There was a good mix of long-term, short-term, group, solo, and non-combat things on the list so I would never not be able to look at it and find something to do depending on my mood.

As “everything simulators”, MMOs can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming to play. Many modern MMOs have some kind of system in place to filter you into relevant content – sometimes however you have to make your own.

Alongside the list, another important discovery has got me playing a lot more – Discord. Yes ok, I recognise that I’m about five years late on this one. I’ve been using Discord for a few years now, but I’ve always been kind of against it in the sense that there’s a part of me that feels that it creates something of an immersion breaker between myself and the game. The reality is though that it’s a bloody helpful bit of software that, if nothing else, makes organising any sort of group content a million times easier.

Rather than wasting time spamming LFG messages in Mos Eisley, I can just plug in an event sign-up on my guild’s Discord server. We can all be ready at the allocated time and we can get straight into the content we had planned. It’s extremely efficient, and as you can see from my list above I’ve already managed to tick off a few boxes which require bringing along some friends.

I’ve finally been able to try some of the Legends exclusive content, including the Terentatek boss…
… and the fiendishly difficult Ancient Greater Krayt Dragon world boss.
When I’ve been playing solo I’ve been finishing up on a load of quests that have been hanging around in my journal and I’ve also started the Witches of Dathomir themepark. The lighting in these areas is some of the best in the whole game.

Life Day kicks off today and there’s an event celebrating the 10th anniversary of the game’s sunset also taking place at the moment so I’m definitely going to spend some time checking those out in the coming days, but next up on the agenda is to do a few more Heroic runs to get my 5-piece jewellery set, then I’ll feel satisfied to take on Hoth and Bespin. On the whole, I really can’t overstate how happy I am to be back in this game and actively partaking in its community. 2021 has been a banner year for the SWG Legends server and I really can’t wait to see what the team have up their sleeves for next year.

The Old Republic’s Expansion Delay is a Necessary Disappointment


A delay in releasing Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Legacy of the Sith expansion has seemed like an inevitability ever since it was announced earlier this year alongside a vague Holiday 2021 release window. Then, just three weeks ago, a developer livestream seemed to reaffirm that the expansion would be released this year after all. Well, it seems that a lot can change in three weeks, and with only one week remaining until the expansion’s announced December 14 release date, Legacy of the Sith has now officially been pushed back to February 25, 2022.

There’s no doubt about it – the immediate impact of this announcement is terrible. The team at EA/Bioware have done an admirable job of hyping this expansion up given that neither the studio nor the wider franchise marketing machine has seemed all that interested in boosting the game’s public profile since 2016’s Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. The 10-year anniversary milestone is a major one which has evoked a lot of nostalgia for the game and the team hasn’t been shy in playing into that as a relatively cheap way of drumming up excitement for this new expansion.

While the Sith Emperor has been the game’s big bad up until this point, it is Darth Malgus’ masked mug which has been the literal poster boy for the game since its launch. As such, it’s convenient that he has risen from the grave just in time for all the anniversary excitement (I say “just in time”, but his dragged-out resurrection has actually been the game’s central plot point for the past three years now). Once again it is Malgus who looms large over the expansion’s key art, but it is also he who has been chosen to grace the cover of Star Wars Insider magazine’s December edition. Sure it’s only the exclusive edition that’s available in select comic shops (the regular edition has Vader on the cover), but it was this rare acknowledgement of the game outside of its community that seemed the biggest vindication of all that Legacy of the Sith was going to be a major moment for the game – a revival not unlike Malgus’s own.

Beyond the nostalgia pandering however we really have no idea where Legacy of the Sith is headed. Sure we know that we’re headed back to Manaan, as well as the new planet Elom, but there’s no exact sense of what we should expect from the game’s story. Instead, the major talking points surrounding this expansion have been its ‘combat styles’ system and UI overhaul. Both of which are (hopefully) great changes that will go a long way towards showing that Bioware are still in it for the long haul, but the game’s primary focus has always been on its story – it’s what the majority of fans care most about too, so why not give us a reason to get invested in that again?

This isn’t lost on the game’s playerbase. The top comment on a Reddit post making note of how little new content SWTOR has seen in 2021, decries the game for having “just given up on story”. While this is from Reddit and therefore tinged with hyperbole, the point remains not entirely untrue. The general consensus among other commenters that the slow drip-feed of new story content has diminished their interest in the game’s key selling point should be a worry for Bioware. Both the A and B plots of the game (the return of Malgus and the Mandalorian uprising respectively) seem to be reactionary turns in the story – after 10 years there’s a niggling feeling that the game’s plot is becoming a way to prop up its cash shop rather than to tell a narrative with any real impact. I don’t personally believe this is the case (Creative Director Charles Boyd’s passion 100% rings true), but that at least is the perception.

Players are desperate for a new cinematic trailer to usher in the Legacy of the Sith expansion. While expensive to produce they do a great job of generating hype for the game and are also a tool for investing potential players in the game’s story. A new cinematic would also be seen as proof that EA/Bioware/Disney are still committed towards growing the game beyond its existing playerbase.

Last September’s 6.2 update did a fantastic job of wrapping up the Emperor’s storyline in a satisfying way, but one year on from that we still have no real justification for why our character’s story should continue beyond this. From a narrative point of view, the team have painted themselves into a corner thanks to years of power creep, but it’s at this point that things should be dialled back to make way for more personal stories rather than another galaxy-level threat. This is something that SWTOR should be able to really succeed at, but the build-up to 7.0 has so far failed to invest us in such a way and instead seems to be pulling us into yet another galaxy-spanning war. The time for looking backwards should be done once the actual 10th-anniversary date has been passed. Now the team have the opportunity to head into the new year and build some momentum for our character’s stories which could propel the game into its next decade.

It has lately become a bit of a tired talking point that games should wait until they’re feature finished and polished before they are released, so there’s no real need to belabour that point. The Legacy of the Sith delay has rubbed the community up the wrong way and they wouldn’t be wrong for feeling like that – an announcement of a 2+ month delay only one week before its expected launch is just not a good look. But, it’s still preferable to shipping a broken, half-baked mess out the door right on the cusp of the holidays. By the time February rolls around all will mostly be forgiven and forgotten. Assuming the story delivers the goods, the combination of giving the game more time to bake and more time to drum up hype for the expansion itself rather than the game’s 10th anniversary (plus moving away from that other little MMO expansion which just launched) will undoubtedly give The Old Republic the boost it’s so obviously on the cusp of.

Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – November 2021


Overall it’s been a pretty quiet month for SWG rogue servers as many of them proceeded to wind down their Galactic Moon Festival celebrations and prepare for Life Day. Still, a handful of servers have managed to push some new updates and others have teased things to come.

Be sure to also check out the Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Life Day Guide 2021 for all the latest updates on holiday events running throughout December.

An Empire in Flames (SWGEmu-based server)

Galaxies‘ most immersive server delivered a double whammy of roleplay additions in their November update, allowing musicians to shoulder their instruments, and players to communicate with each other via holocomm. The server already introduced weapon holstering and NPC holocomms earlier this year so it’s great to see them expanding that functionality. Sure this sort of stuff might not be a big draw to some Galaxies players, but item holstering was one of those things which was requested constantly during the game’s live operation, so to see a team of fan developers figure this thing out and execute it so well is majorly impressive.

SWG: Legends (Custom NGE rogue server)

Just sneaking in at the very end of the month, LegendsNovember update brings sweeping changes to the game’s existing weapons system. If you’re a weaponsmith, a smuggler, or if you play the game’s meta then you’ll want to read up on the exact details of what is going to be changing, but in essence, the new system will allow for all weapon appearances to be made endgame combat viable. Hooray for more character customization! There’s a raft of other QoL adjustments in this patch too including a much-requested respawn timer reduction on the Emperor’s Hand.

SWG Restoration III (Custom CU rogue server)

As they gear up for their 1.0 release the Restoration III team has dropped a big update this month which features a whole bunch of bug fixes and QoL adjustments. They’ve also detailed changes to the way they handle AFK’ing in a Developer Diary. As somebody who is quite vehemently opposed to AFK gameplay I feel that what they’ve proposed is fair and in line with the game’s original design ethos, so kudos to them there.

SWG: Beyond (Custom NGE rogue server)

If you’re one of those people who like to start celebrating the holidays super early then Beyond has you covered. Their Life Day seasonal event is now live as of this past weekend. They have seasonally themed events planned throughout the coming month so keep an eye on their Discord for those.

SWGEmu (Pre-CU vanilla emulator)

You can guarantee that most servers will be getting in on the Life Day action next month and it seems that SWGEmu will be the next to follow Beyond. Their Life Day celebrations have been announced as running for the entire month. That’s not all the server has coming up in December though. The mysterious Visions of the Past, Dreams of the Future event has been teased on the SWGEmu forums and YouTube channel, promising entirely new content. Details are pretty vague, but this sounds more akin to the kind of content that was envisioned for the game early in its development cycle – a limited-time event rather than static, permanent content. It’ll be running for 10 days, lasting from December 5th-15th.

SWG RPG (Unreal Engine 4 remake)

In this month’s alpha client you can now spawn a working Landspeeder to zip around Tatooine, which is looking even better thanks to some changes to visual details.

ProjectSWG (Custom NGE emulator)

Nothing of major interest this month, but a double drop of updates proves that progress is ticking along nicely.

SWG Expanded (Custom content for SWG Source servers)

The “partial open source project” which creates custom content for servers running the SWG Source code has some interesting new items in its November update, including some deep cuts from Star Wars lore.

Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Life Day Guide 2021


Ever since the game’s launch in 2003, Life Day was an annual presence in Star Wars Galaxies‘ content calendar. New rewards and content were added each year, with players relishing the opportunity to decorate their houses and cities with all manner of Wookiee-related paraphernalia. The rogue servers which have popped up in the wake of the game’s demise (which happened 10 years ago this December) continue the tradition.

Two-page spread from The MMO Folklorist’s Guide to Galaxies – reprint available this December!

This list will be updated throughout December 2021 as each server unveils their full plans for the holiday event.

SWG: Beyond (Custom NGE rogue server)

SWGEmu (Pre-CU vanilla emulator)

Sentinels Republic (SWGEmu-based server)

SWG Restoration III (Custom CU rogue server)

An Empire in Flames (SWGEmu-based server)

SWG: Legends (Custom NGE rogue server)

Sunrunner II (SWGEmu-based server)

SWG: Prophecy (Custom NGE rogue server)