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An Empire Revisited

Bespin SWG Legends

An Empire Revisited: I finally made it to Bespin

But like every Disney+ show I couldn't stay away from Tatooine.

An Empire Revisited: Witches, Beasts & Friends

It's been a whole year since I last did a new entry in this column. After hitting the level cap very early on in...

An Empire Revisited: Life Day in SWG Legends

Festive celebrations, (not) Star Wars-y and iconic questlines, and interior design.

An Empire Revisited: My first ten hours in SWG Legends

So, a Rodian Commando walks into a cantina....

An Empire Revisited: A new column about SWG Legends

Thoughts on rogue servers and the contradicting feelings which come with revisiting our favourite virtual worlds.


The MMO Folklorist’s Guide to Galaxies

The Unofficial and Unauthorized History of Star Wars Galaxies
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The Complete List of Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Servers

Fans have revived SOE and LucasArts' long deceased MMORPG. Here's all the ways you can get playing again.

The Complete List Of Rogue Servers For Dead MMOs

Every private server, emulator, and volunteer project that's bringing your favourite MMO back to life.
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