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The joy of not creating alts

Become one with your avatar.

Mourn your favourite game shutting down, but don’t regret playing it

The new year has seen a host of live service titles wrapping up development. Spare a thought for their diminutive, but passionate playerbases.

MMO Private Servers, Emulators, and Rogue Servers: What’s the Difference?

This genre sure does love nebulous terminology.

Why Starkeepers is one of the MMOs I’m most looking forward to playing in...

"An Approachable, Celestial MMO" sounds like something I could very much get into.

The Secret World: A Brief History

The Secret World and its reboot Secret World Legends have been in maintenance mode for years, but hopefully this is one lingering spirit which won't ever be exorcised.

10 Best MMO Box Art Designs

Earth & Beyond didn't make the cut.

Generative AI and the future of MMO content

MMOs have a reputation for providing hours of mindless content. Could leaving its creation to AI offer a better gameplay experience?

Star Wars Galaxies: A Brief History

20 years of the greatest saga ever told.

The Secret World: The disappointment that lies beyond Kingsmouth

Tip your fedora, don your leather trench coat, and unsheathe your samurai sword - we're headed to Spooky Town.


The MMO Folklorist’s Guide to Galaxies

The Unofficial and Unauthorized History of Star Wars Galaxies
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The Complete List of Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Servers

Fans have revived SOE and LucasArts' long deceased MMORPG. Here's all the ways you can get playing again.

The Complete List Of Rogue Servers For Dead MMOs

Every private server, emulator, and volunteer project that's bringing your favourite MMO back to life.
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