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REVIEW: Making a Metaverse That Matters by Wagner James Au

MMO veterans may be weary of the metaverse, but there's much in Au's book that we can take back to our own communities.

SWTOR’s studio switcheroo offers a new hope for its players

Star Wars: The Old Republic is officially moving from BioWare to Broadsword. But don't mistake that for anything but a positive step for the game.

The MMO golden years: I was there

16-bit to online virtual worlds in the blink of an eye.

Tarisland scores a clone goal with its too-blatant nostalgia pandering

Ask an AI to make a game like World of Warcraft and you’d probably get Tarisland.

Explaining the MMO hype vacuum

Games studios once again seem excited to be making MMOs, so why does it feel like so few people are excited to play them?

10 tips for playing old MMOs

Ah the good old days. When grinds were long and interfaces were incomprehensible.

SWGEmu is tough as bantha hide but uniquely rewarding

Forget about Sith Lords, it's the butterflies you'll want to watch out for.

Star Wars Galaxies Community Discord Server Listings

Calling all pilots, roleplayers, soldiers and modders.

Interview: Thomas Cole Simmonds is creating real-life photographs of Star Wars Galaxies

A new way of preserving our virtual memories.

The joy of not creating alts

Become one with your avatar.


The MMO Folklorist’s Guide to Galaxies

The Unofficial and Unauthorized History of Star Wars Galaxies
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The Complete List of Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Servers

Fans have revived SOE and LucasArts' long deceased MMORPG. Here's all the ways you can get playing again.

The Complete List Of Rogue Servers For Dead MMOs

Every private server, emulator, and volunteer project that's bringing your favourite MMO back to life.
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