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Star Wars Galaxies Community Discord Server Listings

Calling all pilots, roleplayers, soldiers and modders.

These days it’s pretty much a given that you have to be on Discord if you want to do group content in an online game. Sure it’s great as a replacement for Ventrilo or TeamSpeak, but it’s also a convenient way of finding new communities with shared interests.

Every Star Wars Galaxies rogue server has its own official Discord server, but there are also a host of other servers dedicated specifically to one faction, player city, or playstyle. Unfortunately, they’re not always easy to find.

In order to help players connect with new communities I’ve gathered all currently active SWG Discord servers into one list. All these servers are open and willing to helping new players and veterans alike so don’t be afraid to jump in!

Official Rogue Server Discords

An Empire in Flames
Dark Rebellion
New Beginnings
Rogue One
Sentinels Republic
Tarkins Revenge

Server Specific Discords


Central City: An open-roleplay community located on Tatooine.

EU Star Wars Legends Roleplayers United: An EU time zone-specific roleplaying Discord.

Imperial PvP: A server for discussion of PvP amongst members of the Empire.

Legends LFG 2.0: A server for finding groups to do all kinds of content, including Heroics, PvP, and space.

Mos Vanta Community Discord: An open-roleplay community located on Tatooine.

Pirates Cove SWG: A Rebel RP Guild and City on Dantooine.

Space RP: A server for pilot and shipwright roleplayers.

SWG:L Battlefields: Provides voice chat channels for players competing in Battlefields.

SWGLegends RP: Multi-faction roleplaying community Discord. Discuss and keep track of ongoing storylines, find guilds and other roleplayers, and view upcoming events.

SWG Legends RP – Empire and New Westport: A roleplaying Discord for Imperials and citizens of the Imperial roleplaying city of New Westport on Corellia.

SWG The Rebellion: A server for discussion of PvP amongst members of the Rebel Alliance.

The Black Flag: Multi-faction Pilot Discord. Channels for general chat, piloting/shipwright help, and ship loadout discussion.


SWG Role-Playing: Multi-faction roleplaying community Discord. Discuss and keep track of ongoing storylines, find guilds and other roleplayers, and view upcoming events.

Modding and Server Development

Expanded: Creating custom content that other public and private servers can implement for their own use.

MTG: Official Discord of Mod The Galaxy. Discuss server development and mods for the SWGEmu codebase.

Sniper_Fox22’s SWG Space Corner: Discord community created by Sniper_Fox22. Discussion, downloads, and previews of mods for SWGLegends and other SWG Source servers.

SWG Source: Discussion of the SWG source code and its continued development.

TCGEmu: In-development emulator of the Star Wars Galaxies: Trading Card Game


SWGWiki: Official Discord of the SWGWiki. Discuss article edits and design changes to the wiki.

SWGAide: Official Discord of SWGAide – a tool for tracking each server’s resources and crafting schematic requirements. As the information of the site relies on player contributions this Discord allows volunteers and users alike to share information, request help, and report bugs.

Content Creators

Adventure Game Hotspot: Public Discord of YouTuber Adventure Game Hotspot, who frequently creates videos about Star Wars Galaxies and its various rogue servers.

Mobyus1: Public Discord of YouTuber Mobyus1, who has created many videos about SWGEmu. There is a SWGEmu channel as well as channels for general Star Wars, gaming, and tabletop RPG discussion.

Missed a server? Drop me a message and I’ll add it to the list.

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