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Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – October 2021

Happy Sith'o'ween

The Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup is a new monthly feature at MMO Folklorist, gathering together all the news from across all of the Star Wars Galaxies rogue servers.

SWGEmu (Pre-CU vanilla emulator)

The crawl towards 1.0 moves ever closer for SWGEmu as the Basilisk server this month received its first publish since July. Publish 10.5 is a pretty sizeable mini-publish with a whole host of fixes across the board.

This month also saw some original holiday content come to the server with the launch of its “Something Wicked This Way Comes” event. After a brief delay the event is running from October 23rd until the end of the month with a special finale event planned for Sunday, October 31st, 2021 at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT/1am UTC.

ProjectSWG (Custom NGE emulator)

While still pretty barebones, ProjectSWG continues to make gradual progress towards becoming a feature-complete custom version of end-of-life Galaxies. QA Release #22 is the test server’s first patch since June and adds the Avatar dungeon to the game as well as some new dialogue choices for NPCs.

SWG: Legends (Custom NGE rogue server)

Continuing their biggest year of content yet, SWG: Legends brings back their Galactic Moon Festival with even more content and events than ever before. The big addition this year is the spooped-out version of the Tusken Invasion heroic, which is offering new seasonal loots – if players can handle the increased difficulty. All of the server’s previous annual additions to the festival remain too, and there are also several live events running throughout the month. As always, Napyet has a great video roundup of the festival which you can check out here.

SWG RPG (Unreal Engine 4 remake)

October has been a big month for this ambitious one-person undertaking to rebuild SWG in the Unreal Engine, and players can now download an alpha version of the game. This is a very early version of the game, but significant progress has been made in getting Tatooine ported into the engine. It looks pretty dang beautiful.

SWG Awakening (SWGEmu-based server)

One of the very oldest SWGEmu-based servers celebrates its seventh (!) anniversary early next month so it has announced a weekend-long event (November 5th-8th) where players can join in on a host of live events with the opportunity of winning some rare items.

SWG Restoration III (Custom CU rogue server)

A new website has launched this month, which will facilitate a more robust help ticketing system in future. The Galactic Moon Festival has also been activated, and a mid-month patch has brought along a host of fixes. Two live events also took place on the server this month: the R3 Galactic Home Show, and Jabba’s Costume Contest.

Sunrunner II (SWGEmu-based server)

After suggesting earlier in the month that the server may be relaunched in the new year, server admin Takh backtracked and now it seems efforts have been refocused on the long-running server’s original roadmap. On the heels of that, a new update to the server has revamped the luck stat and offered players a glimpse into what is coming to the server in 2022. Mandalore has been teased once again (check out a new screenshot above), a PvP revamp, a custom Jedi system, and a “revolutionary” mystery system are all on the cards as well.

SWG Arenas (SWGEmu-based PvP server)

This new PvP server which only launched just last month received two patches in October, adding totally unique PvP systems to the Theed and Wayfar areas of the game.

An Empire in Flames (SWGEmu-based server)

For the duration of the Halloween season players can take part in a haunting new heroic – “The Temple of Exar Kun”. This month’s patch also laid the groundwork for the server’s upcoming “utility objects” system, which has been teased on EIF’s Twitter account. It certainly looks as though this will add a whole new layer of immersion to the game.

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