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Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – February 2023

2023 is shaping up to be the best time ever to jump into Star Wars Galaxies.

Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – January 2023

It's been a quiet month while everyone reflects on the past year and looks ahead to 2023.

MMO Private Servers, Emulators, and Rogue Servers: What’s the Difference?

This genre sure does love nebulous terminology.

How to Play Star Wars Galaxies in 2023

Whether you're a returning player or new to the game, here's everything you need to know to start your adventure.

The Best Star Wars Galaxies Server For Every Player

It's a great time to start playing Star Wars Galaxies, but so much choice can be daunting.

Star Wars Galaxies: A Brief History

20 years of the greatest saga ever told.

Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – November/December 2022

Let 2022 forever be known as the year every SWG server embraced farming and Mandalorians.
Mon Calamari custom planet on Star Wars Galaxies Sunrunner II server.

Galactic Flyby: Star Wars Galaxies Sunrunner II

Brave new worlds.
Various Droids in a Player Decorated house. The screenshot is from the game Star Wars Galaxies.

Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – October 2022

Players create their own themepark and 'bots replace bots.
Imperial Death Troopers on Dathomir in Star Wars Galaxies

Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Galactic Moon Festival Guide 2022

Your one-stop guide to all the Halloween events running in Star Wars Galaxies this October.


The MMO Folklorist’s Guide to Galaxies

The Unofficial and Unauthorized History of Star Wars Galaxies
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The Complete List of Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Servers

Fans have revived SOE and LucasArts' long deceased MMORPG. Here's all the ways you can get playing again.

The Complete List Of Rogue Servers For Dead MMOs

Every private server, emulator, and volunteer project that's bringing your favourite MMO back to life.
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