Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – November 2021

Overall it’s been a pretty quiet month for SWG rogue servers as many of them proceeded to wind down their Galactic Moon Festival celebrations and prepare for Life Day. Still, a handful of servers have managed to push some new updates and others have teased things to come.

Be sure to also check out the Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Life Day Guide 2021 for all the latest updates on holiday events running throughout December.

An Empire in Flames (SWGEmu based server)
Galaxies‘ most immersive server delivered a double whammy of roleplay additions in their November update, allowing musicians to shoulder their instruments, and players to communicate with each other via holocomm. The server already introduced weapon holstering and NPC holocomm’s earlier this year so it’s great to see them expanding that functionality. Sure this sort of stuff might not be a big draw to some Galaxies players, but item holstering was one of those things that was requested constantly during the game’s live operation, so to see a team of fan developers figure this thing out and execute it so well is majorly impressive.

SWG: Legends (Custom NGE rogue server)
Just sneaking in at the very end of the month, LegendsNovember update brings sweeping changes to the game’s existing weapons system. If you’re a weaponsmith, a smuggler, or if you play the game’s meta then you’ll want to read up on the exact details of what is going to be changing, but in essence the new system will allow for all weapon appearances to be made endgame combat viable. Hooray for more character customization! There are a raft of other QoL adjustments in this patch too including a much requested respawn timer reduction on the Emperor’s Hand.

SWG Restoration III (Custom CU rogue server)
As they gear up for their 1.0 release Restoration III have dropped a big update this month which features a whole bunch of bug fixes and QoL adjustments. They’ve also detailed changes to the way they handle AFK’ing in a Developer Diary. As somebody who is quite vehemently opposed to AFK gameplay I feel that what they’ve proposed is fair and in-line with the game’s original design ethos, so kudos to them there.

SWG: Beyond (Custom NGE rogue server)
If you’re one of those people who likes to start celebrating the holidays super early then Beyond has you covered. Their Life Day seasonal event is now live as of this past weekend. They have seasonal themed events planned throughout the coming month so keep an eye on their Discord for those.

SWGEmu (Pre-CU vanilla emulator)
You can guarantee that most servers will be getting in on the Life Day action next month and it seems that SWGEmu will be the next to follow Beyond. Their Life Day celebrations have been announced as running for the entire month. That’s not all the server has coming up in December though. The mysterious Visions of the Past, Dreams of the Future event has been teased on the SWGEmu forums and YouTube channel, promising entirely new content. Details are pretty vague, but this sounds more akin to the kind of content that was envisioned for the game early in its development cycle – a limited time event rather than static, permanent content. It’ll be running for 10 days, lasting from December 5th-15th.

SWG RPG (Unreal Engine 4 remake)
In this month’s alpha client you can now spawn a working Landspeeder to zip around Tatooine, which is looking even better thanks to some changes to visual details.

ProjectSWG (Custom NGE emulator)
Nothing of major interest this month, but a double drop of updates proves that progress is ticking along nicely.

SWG Expanded (Custom content for SWG Source servers)
The “partial open source project” which creates custom content for servers running the SWG Source code has some interesting new items in its November update, including some deep cuts from Star Wars lore.

If you run a Star Wars Galaxies server and feel that I missed something out, or if you have upcoming content that you would like to inform people of in future editions of this article then please contact me via Twitter: @MMOFolklorist or Discord: jamesmcrosby#6719.

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