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Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – June 2022

Don your beskar and head to Mandalore.

Picking a quarterly holiday theme in an MMO is pretty simply. Typically you’ll find a Christmas-themed event in Winter, a Halloween/Thanksgiving-themed event in Autumn, and a Valentine/Easter-themed event in Spring.

Summer is a little less obvious. Many other MMOs go for a beach-themed event or perhaps a festival theme, but Star Wars Galaxies embraces the Galactic Civil War which provides the backdrop for the franchise and gives that some time in the limelight.

I guess the closest real-world analogue to this would be the July 4th celebrations, so it stands to reason that the Empire/Remembrance Day celebrations usually take place between June and July.

A handful of servers are running the event this year, but as with the Ewok Festival of Love event they’ve mostly done little more the flipped the switch to activate the event. As such I’m only highlighting the Legends server in this (very short) monthly roundup as they’re providing some unique event content.

Sunrunner II (SWGEmu-based server)

The one server which provided players with a big slice of fresh content this month was Sunrunner II, which celebrated its third anniversary. To mark the occasion they’ve finally released their long-awaited custom planet, Mandalore.

While some of the content that will fill the planet is still in the works, players can now catch a flight to the homeworld of the Mandalorians, where they can begin new quests and check out all of the incredible POIs that the team have hand-crafted.

You can find the patch notes for both the third anniversary and the Mandalore updates here, with the team promising the second half of Mandalore’s content within the coming weeks.

SWG: Legends (Custom NGE rogue server)

As we’ve come to expect from the Legends server, the events team pulled out all the stops to make a big deal out of their version of Empire Day. Sure you can do the usual event dailies (and claim some server-unique rewards), but there were also a whole host of live events running across the period.

A host of factional and holiday-themed items were also given a texture upgrade in the June patch.

Here’s a roundup of every other server which is hosting an Empire Day event in 2022:

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