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Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – July/August 2022

Looking ahead after a slow summer.

It’s fair to say it’s been a pretty quiet summer for Star Wars Galaxies rogue servers. Last month was almost devoid of any news whatsoever, so I decided to skip the monthly roundup for the first time since starting the column back in October of last year.

August hasn’t been much better, but between the two months there’s enough to report to make this post feel worthwhile. With the big summer event (Empire Day) having drawn to a close on most servers now, things have turned to looking ahead at what the development teams have planned for the coming months.

Naturally, the Galactic Moon Festival is just around the corner, but there’s also plenty of server-exclusive content on the horizon. I don’t know about you, but after a summer of unbearable heat, the prospect of cosying on up indoors and playing some SWG with a warm beverage sounds more inviting than ever.

SWG: Beyond (NGE)

The closest thing to a full winter roadmap came from the Beyond server, who teased a list of upcoming content on their Discord channel. With yet another Legendary Heroic announced, as well as new GCW leaderboards, it really feels as though Beyond is establishing itself as the premiere NGE server for combat-focused players.

As previewed back in May, they’ve also got their new species update ready to go live soon, and looking a little further into the future they’re promising further additions to the Rare Loot System, new 7-piece Heroic jewellery sets, leaderboards for more content systems, and profession and expertise reviews.

SWG: Legends (NGE)

August’s Community Transmission didn’t reveal anything new, but it’s a good recap of just how much community activity there has been on the server recently. Looking ahead they’ve reaffirmed that the previously teased Star Viper update (which is primarily space-based), and the Player City update are not too far away.

This coming weekend however players can relive the Battle of Restuss event. Originally taking place back on the live servers in 2006, this multi-phase event saw the destruction of the city of Restuss on Rori, with the ruins of the city becoming a huge PvP zone.

Legends hosted their own version of the event back in 2016, and they’re now giving old and new players alike the chance to see how it plays out all over again. The event commences on Friday, September 2nd and runs for 25 hours.

SWG Restoration III (CU)

1.0 is coming! After launching to much fanfare back in May 2021, the first major update for Restoration III is due to hit sometime in the coming month, with a tentative date set for September 17th.

As the team revealed in their roadmap at the start of the year, 1.0 will see the release of Mustafar, their unique Jedi unlock system, and their Server Progression System. As the only server running a variation of the CU combat system this could be a good time to check out the Restoration if you’re looking for a little shake-up to your usual SWG gameplay.

An Empire in Flames (Pre-CU)

After first teasing us with a look at a flame-thrower gauntlet back in February, Halyn at EiF has been sharing more GIF’s of what we can expect from the server’s next update. Electro and acid gauntlet’s are also in the works, as well as a rotary blaster cannon (with barrel’s which actually rotate, because this is EiF after all).

Dark Rebellion (D20)

Having concluded their prologue chapter, solo-Admin/Dev/DM, Borrie has been over on Discord teasing some of the new planets that are coming to the server. Don’t expect the usual suspects though, Dark Rebellion is pulling out deep cuts from the Star Wars lore, with planets such as Abregado-rae and Malastare being developed among others.

ProjectSWG (CU)

Work has finally begun on implementing combat over at ProjectSWG, with testers now able to utilise skills from the Brawler tree.

SWG: Prophecy (NGE)

This month finishes on a low point as we commemorate the closure of the Prophecy server. After almost five years in operation, Project Admin Chavex announced in July that the server would be shutting down for good on August 13th. Staffing and difficulties with continued development on the existing codebase were cited as the reasons for closing.

YouTuber Project Dorkkopia documented the server’s final hours, but even better is this video of him exploring some of the server’s best player houses. A great way to preserve the many hours or hard work and love that were no doubt devoted to these player’s own little corner of the galaxy. Here’s to hoping they are all able to find new homes.

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