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Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – September 2022

Restoration launches and the galaxy goes to war.

Only a handful of servers saw updates in September, but there are some major new additions among those publishes. This month, most of the attention has been on the Restoration 3 server, as it released its long-awaited 1.0 update and dropped the 3‘ in its name.

With all the chatter around that server, it might’ve been easy to miss some of the other cool stuff that’s been happening elsewhere. The Galactic Moon Festival and Life Day are just around the corner making now a great time to return to SWG, and perhaps these new updates may tempt you to spend your holiday MMO time someplace new.

Restoration (CU)

Following many months of public testing, the Restoration server finally launched its long-awaited Publish 1.0 patch. As per their roadmap, the update integrated their unique Server Progression and Jedi unlock systems, as well as the planet Mustafar, which has been converted for Restoration‘s CU skill and combat system.

It’s too early to judge how these new systems will play out, but that hasn’t stopped people from flocking to check it out. There’s a lot more on the horizon for the Restoration server, and the team have already published their first post-launch patch, bringing updated shadow rendering to the game.

Infinity (Pre-CU)

The Infinity server is offering a new twist on PvP combat with their completely original Stadium system. Inside the new Dearic Stadium – which resembles a Roman coliseum – teams of combatants can square off in various game types and customised arenas.

There’s a whole new skill tree implemented alongside this, with experience granted for the different roles that players can take on in the stadium. The logic behind the idea is to create a fair environment in which players can prove themselves in combat.

It’s an interesting spin on the usual GCW-centred SWG PvP, and one which feels as though it could fit into the Star Wars lore (1, 2). The server also celebrated its fifth anniversary with this latest update, so those looking to check out the stadium can rest assured that the Infinity server won’t be going anywhere soon.

Beyond (NGE)

More PvP fun can be had over on the Beyond server, who’ve launched the GCW Leaderboard update which they teased last month. Their system aims to replicate the one which launched late into SWG‘s live life-cycle, with the Beyond team having added new rewards for which participants in the war can strive.

Credit: Project Dorkkopia

Resurgence (NGE)

The former Mandalorian stronghold planet Dxun has made its way to SWG – kind of. The Resurgence server’s 4.0 patch opens up the new planet to players, but at present, it’s a barebones replica of Endor. The team’s efforts to bring the planet to life will continue throughout their 4.x updates, with new quests, challenges, and support for player buildings to come.

Legends (NGE)

With some 11,125 abandoned houses taking up prime real estate space on the Legends server it seems that a Housing Demolition Event was long overdue. It didn’t take long for players to hunt them all down and send in the wrecking crew, and the event is now over with for another year.

This coming Saturday (8th October), the server will host its Battle of the Bastion PvP event, where teams of five are pitted against each other in a tournament on Corellia.

Sunrunner II (Pre-CU)

This server has done a fantastic job of expanding upon the pre-CU version of the game in a holistic fashion. After five years however, server admin Takh is looking ahead to a fresh start.

In a heartfelt letter to the community, Takh explained his plans to pause development on Sunrunner II following the planned server migration and Mandalore launch. Following that he intends to work solely on Sunrunner III, a new server which will launch with a completed vision of what Takh wants the server to be along with the content developed so far on the Sunrunner II server, and JTL.

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