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Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – January 2023

It's been a quiet month while everyone reflects on the past year and looks ahead to 2023.

Following on from the one-two punch of the Galactic Moon Festival and Life Day events which take place at the end of every year, January always feels like a quiet month. Of course, the Ewok Festival of Love event will be spinning out in the next few weeks, but beyond that, there’s plenty of server-specific content being worked on ready to keep players hooked to Star Wars Galaxies throughout 2023.

This month has seen a lot of reflection on the accomplishments of the year that’s passed, and a little bit of excitement building for what is coming down the pike. We’re still mostly in the dark about what some servers have planned, while others are continuing along their roadmaps or building upon larger projects they began last year.

The big question remains to be answered: Will this be the year that SWGEmu finally launches the Suncrusher server? One thing we now know for sure is that serious development has finally begun on implementing space flight, and while this is still doubtless some years away from completion, it’s something that will provide a major boost to pre-CU servers once it enters into public testing.

Here’s this month’s biggest news stories from across the Star Wars Galaxies rogue server-verse.

Beyond (NGE)

In what is a first for NGE-based servers, new player races have been added to the game. New players can pick from one of nine new species options, including Togrutan, Chiss and Nightsisters. Those who already have characters on the server can utilise a Species Respec Voucher for a one-time change to a new species.

Empire in Flames (Pre-CU)

Following on from the success of their Taanab Harvest event at the end of last year, January saw the return of the Boonta Eve Celebration on Empire in Flames. Compete in Skyhopper races, track down or free runaway slaves, and defend against rival gangs to earn rewards from the Hutt clans who have graciously organised the event.

Players partaking in the Boonta Eve Celebration event on Empire in Flames may recognise a couple of Rebels.

Legends (NGE)

Since the release of the City in the Clouds expansion in 2021, the Legends server have been decidedly coy on what they’re working on next. This is a theme which is continued in their latest Community Transmission, which looks back on what’s been happening on the server over the past few months, and shines a spotlight on the community, including the incredible Seed Project.

Replies in their community Q&A section confirm that more space content is on the way and that the long-awaited second part of the Jedi Themepark is still in active development, but other than that we’re mostly in the dark as to what’s next. Last year saw the huge new ranching system shadow drop, so perhaps we might get a similar surprise later this year.

In other news…
Infinity (Pre-CU) pushed 4(!) sizeable updates full of tweaks and bug fixes, including new world bosses and smuggler splicing stations.
ProjectSWG (NGE) recapped the progress they’ve made in emulating the CU over the past year.
Reckoning (Pre-CU) celebrated their eight anniversary.
Restoration (CU) further detailed their unique Jedi system, and released a Bug Bash patch.
Resurgence (NGE) invested in some new server hardware to compensate for a growing playerbase.

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