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Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – April 2023

Overpowered beasts take over the galaxy just in time for Star Wars Day.

This past month I played Star Wars Galaxies for the first time this year. The server I decided to try was one which I don’t feature all that often in the Rogue Server Roundup, but it’s undoubtedly the godfather of the Galaxies rogue server scene. What I didn’t expect to find when playing SWGEmu was that there have been quite a few changes and additions to the game.

When the Finalizer server launched in 2021 I was aware that there were plans to open the gate to small tweaks to the game, but I somehow missed that some have already been implemented.

From what I can tell these scant additions have been handled exceptionally sensitively – SWGEmu still feels like a vanilla server. You can now square off against world bosses, rotate furniture along every axis in your player housing, and loot Nightsister clothing and previously unavailable paintings.

They’re things which are all tied to the early version of the game and thus feel as though they should’ve always been obtainable by players anyway. Purists will be glad to hear that there’s no nonsense like movie posters or ewok wings to be had.

Of course May 4th is Star Wars Day so several servers have events and content coinciding with that in the coming days. SWGEmu themselves have a PvE event planned, with Han Solo set to make a special guest appearance.

An Empire in Flames (Pre-CU)

Skirting around the May 4th shenanigans, An Empire in Flames is celebrating its sixth anniversary with a week of events. Following a commencement event on April 30th, three races are being held across the server before a final party takes place on May 6th.

Players gather for the Dantooine Destruction Derby event in celebration of An Empire in Flames sixth anniversary.
Image credit: Mina

Beyond (NGE)

A major update is set to hit the Beyond server on May 4th. The World Boss Update will see three existing world bosses – the Meatlump King, the Sarlacc, and the Tusken Sniper – updated with new mechanics and loot, as well as the introduction of a new world boss, the Spiny Gorgilla.

There appear to be heaps of new rewards available, and a new collection and reward currency will keep players coming back for more. The server hosts regular world boss weekend so be sure to keep an eye on their Server Schedule for future events.

Infinity (Pre-CU)

The winners of Infinity‘s Best Dressed City event were announced in honour of May 4th. A great display of using the game’s props and furniture to it’s fullest.

Legends (NGE)

With QA testing underway for the second part of the Jedi Themepark, Legends staff member Vincer took to Reddit to ask what other profession themed questlines players would like to see. Spy topped the poll with 40 votes, beating Commando by just 4. Curiously, Entertainer took third place, with players apparently keen on the idea of a “social-driven instance”. You can count me among that group.

Image credit: SWG Legends

Ribann was announced as the winner of April’s Galactic Homeshow. Their old school arcade inspired housing design The Coin Jam has to be seen to be believed. May’s Galactic Homeshow is now open for entries, so if you’re a keen interior designer be sure to apply!

A double XP weekend will run from May 4th – May 8th and there’s also a chance to pick up some limited-time loot and a May 4th event badge.

Restoration (CU)

Continuing with their custom Progression System, the Restoration team have teased the imminent arrival of a certain organic meatbag-hating HK droid to the server.

Two new blog posts on the Restoration site offer guides which illuminate their mysterious Jedi system and help roleplayers speak Mando’a.

Real life housework just not enough for you? Good news! Later in May the server has a Spring Cleaning event planned, with players tasked to clean away dust durni’s which will be appearing across the galaxy. There are rare creature eggs and credits up for grabs, as well as a badge and title. The event is set to run on Friday, May 19th and Saturday, May 20th.

Resurgence (NGE)

Following a brief period of downtime Resurgence‘s Apotheosis server has relaunched afresh. Yep, full server wipe.

They’re offering a whole bunch of goodies to help soften the blow and get the community back on their feet, so if you’ve been looking for a new NGE server to try out this could be a good time to jump on board. The new server still has all of the server’s custom content, including the planet of Dxun which launched in their 4.0 update.

Sentinel’s Republic (Pre-CU)

Following on from an invasion of the server’s custom planet of Mandalore late in April, Sentinel’s Republic will be celebrating May 4th with three world boss events. They kick off on another of the server’s custom planets, the dark side world of Kaas.

The following night players can participate in an event on Kashyyyk, taking on N-K Necrosis. For those looking for something a little more chill, there’s a fishing event taking place throughout the next couple of weeks, with prizes for both the biggest and smallest fish. The competition runs until May 17th.

Sunrunner II (Pre-CU)

While Resurgence has been reborn, the same can’t be said for Sunrunner II. As announced last month, the server was unceremoniously shuttered on April 23rd. A Sunrunner III server has been discussed, but it’s clearly not happening anytime soon.

In the media…

ProjectSWG staff member Tosteto shared photos of his incredible Star Wars Galaxies merchandise collection on Reddit (which of course includes a copy of The MMO Folklorist’s Guide to Galaxies).

MMO YouTuber MitchManix published a video review of Star Wars Galaxies.

EQ2 Relaxation, a YouTube channel which hosts ambient MMO content, uploaded a bunch of Star Wars Galaxies videos. Vibes.

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