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Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – May 2023

A whole bunch of Star Wars Galaxies rogue servers are still improving the game 20 years after it launched.

With May behind us, all eyes are turned to Star Wars Galaxies‘ 20th anniversary, which will be marked on June 26th.

It’s remarkable that, given this is a 20-year-old game, there are so many people still playing, and more remarkable still that there are so many others hard at work creating amazing new experiences for those players.

While none of the updates this month are huge, this roundup has collected news from 13 servers. That’s on top of the two new servers – Havelon and swGERmu – which I’ve added to the site’s complete list of SWG rogue servers this month.

I’ll have plenty more articles about the game coming throughout the month, and like many of you, I’ll be celebrating the anniversary by hanging out in this game which has done so much to define my life these past two decades.

An Empire in Flames (Pre-CU)

Every server has its fair share of top tier decorators and a Galactic Home Show is a great way of honouring the creative ways players make the most of one of the game’s most enduring non-combat systems.

Now the Empire in Flames server is getting in on the action, asking players to submit their abodes for a chance of getting a coveted Home Show winner’s badge.

Oh, and a player crafted BD droid has also been teased for a future release. No big deal. Definitely don’t need one of those. Nope.

Attack of the Clones (Pre-CU)

After two years of radio silence (truthfully I wasn’t even aware the server was still in active operation), the live server of the Attack of the Clones project has been shuttered.

AotC‘s mission to create a Clone Wars era total conversion of Star Wars Galaxies will continue in private testing with the goal of relaunching sometime down the line.

Aurora (NGE)

The France-based Star Wars Galaxies server has implemented SWG Expanded‘s Tusken-themed content Isolation in the Sands. Taking inspiration from the short story ‘Pearls in the Sand’ by Voronica Whitney-Robinson (who also wrote the Star Wars Galaxies tie-in novel The Ruins of Dantooine), this new content includes a unique enemy faction, dungeons and rewards.

The server has also kicked off their Empire/Remembrance Day event, which is running from May 30th to June 14th.

Beyond (NGE)

Celebrations were in order on the Beyond server last month, as they reached their fourth year of live operation. Naturally, there has been a big ol’ party in Mos Eisley, but the event also ushered in a host of new content, including new rewards for the RLS and Heroic instances.

The Max Rebo Band are still performing in Mos Eisley as part of Beyond’s fourth anniversary celebrations.

Meanwhile, a new vendor in Mos Eisley is offering rare and exclusive paintings for 100,000 credits a pop under the banner of the Beyond Beautification Project. Mos Eisley has undergone some cosmetic improvements as part of the project.

Dark Rebellion (D20)

Some new cosmetic items have been added to the Dark Rebellion roleplay server. In a patch which also includes a host of bug fixes, players can now equip clone trooper and Mandalorian inspired kamas, as well as full face masks.

As with all of Dark Rebellion‘s clothing, these items can be picked up right off the bat, so players can instantly immerse themselves into the roleplaying environment looking exactly as they want.

Infinity (Pre-CU)

Infinity is one of many pre-CU servers who have spent much of the year or so attempting to bring their codebase inline with the latest SWGEmu changes. With more custom content than most servers this was always going to be a challenge for Infinity, but last month players were finally able to access the pre-alpha test server.

Only a small percentage of Infinity‘s custom content has been ported over to the new code at this point, but it marks a major milestone in the future of the project.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual on the server as four new patches launched in May bringing with them plenty of bug fixes and QoL changes.

Legends (NGE)

No major patches during May over on the Legends server, but this one just snuck in while I while I was typing up this post. The Health of the Economy update implements a number of changes in an effort to curb the rampant inflation on the server. As much as it’s about bringing down the sheer quantity of credits a player can acquire in a short space of time, the patch’s main focus is on specifically targeting the easy acquisition of credits through AFK grinding (while better rewarding meaningful group content such as Heroics).

As somebody who has struggled in the past to complete quest objectives or grind legitimate credits while at the keyboard in some of the game’s key hotspots, I view this as a very welcome change.

May’s Galactic Home Show winner was paulcarlob with his incredible art gallery themed Cloud City House on Naboo. I was so impressed by what I saw on the Legends website that I had to go check it out myself. I was absolutely blown away by what has been accomplished and urge everybody to go take a look themselves as screenshots just can’t do this one the justice it deserves!

All of the art pieces in this Galactic Home Show winner have names displayed on a plaque beside each work. This piece is called ‘A Spring Morning’.

Next month’s Galactic Home Show is Jump to Lightspeed themed, with players asked to submit their inventively decorated Gunboat’s and POB’s.

While the server’s next big event, Empire/Remembrance Day is set to hit later this month, players can attend two upcoming player events – The Deep Space Summer Brawl, and the Love Out Loud Pride Event – on Saturday, June 10th. More details about these events can be found on the server’s Discord.

New Beginnings (NGE)

In their first patch in just under a year, the New Beginnings server have implemented a number of quality of life changes including increased experience rates and loot changes. Empire Day is set to run on the server from 17th June to 8th July.

Reckoning (Pre-CU)

One of SWG‘s longest-running servers has sent out a brief communication reassuring their playerbase that the development team is hard at work bringing the server inline with the latest SWGEmu code.

Restoration (CU)

The Restoration server turned two years old last month. The team have posted a lengthy developer blog looking back on the progress made in that time, as well as a nifty infographic full of server stats. It’s reassuring to see so many people still trying their hand at the game’s non-combat Entertainer and Artisan skills.

The blog post also gave us a small insight at what’s to come, with a GCW revamp, mini-games, and the return of the Village on the horizon. The long-awaited 64-bit client is also set to release in the not too distant future.

For now, players can enjoy Restorations‘ latest, space-focused update, which includes new group content, and the Ace Slayer collection – pitting players against iconic pilots such as Luke Skywalker and Nym.

Resurgence (NGE)

A trio of patches brought a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life updates to Resurgence this month, including many items previously available via the SWG TCG (1, 2, 3)

Sentinel’s Republic (Pre-CU)

Star Wars Galaxies‘ most vibrant events community hosted another slew of events in May. One such event had players assisting the new leader of the Hutt Cartel following the death of Jabba.

June’s event schedule kick’s off with the Trandoshan on Tatooine event on 11th June. Players will have to repel a Trandoshan invasion in the city of Mos Entha, while creature handlers have the opportunity of taming a rare jundland eopie.

Sunrunner II (Pre-CU)

After shutting down back in April, it seems that the absence of pressure that comes with no longer having to manage a live server has reignited the passion of Sunrunner‘s development team.

One of Sunrunner II’s development team has been working on concepts newly redecorated NPC cantinas.

The project’s goals and ambitions are being redefined for this new vision of the game, with some additions from the old server set to remain, while other systems are reverted to their vanilla state.

The overall goal for this new server, which is planned to enter development later this year, is to be “a deep PvE server with the most objects and locations”.

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