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Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Roundup – October 2022

Players create their own themepark and 'bots replace bots.

October commences the sixth month period in the Star Wars Galaxies calendar where events run pretty much non-stop. With the Galactic Moon Festival, Life Day, and the Ewok Festival of Love all separated by only a month between each one, it’s a great time to be busy on your favourite server, but not so much of a great time if you’re hoping for something new and unexpected.

Hats off to the rogue server teams for pulling off a whole bunch of unique and engaging community events to coincide with the usual holiday dailies though. I rounded up all of those in this post here, and as of the time of writing this article, there are still quite a few events coming up this weekend. Furthermore, most servers aren’t taking their decorations down until nearer the middle of November, so be sure to check the date on your server and trade in your event tokens with Z’ozpheratu while you still have the chance.

With all hands on deck for these events, there are only a couple of items to cover in this month’s Rogue Server Roundup. November should be a different story however with teams likely delivering updates they had promised before the year was through while trying not to get in the way of all the Christmas holiday shenanigans happening in December.

SWGEmu (Pre-CU)

This one isn’t even a development update at all, but I wanted to feature it as it’s a great example of utilizing the potential of the SWG sandbox. A small group of players on the Finalizer server have banded together to create their own themepark primarily using the game’s merchant system as a way of relaying quests to participants.

Star Wars Galaxies players will recall that later in the game’s lifecycle the development team added the Chronicles system which let players create their own quests and save them as holocrons to share with other players. The pre-NGE version of the game however didn’t have this system implemented, meaning that the folks behind this are relying on a heady mixture of creativity and good old fashioned honesty.

There aren’t many clues as to what the story in this new themepark entails, but it begins with players locating “a note for help”. There are already multiple stages for intrepid mid-level and beyond adventurers to complete, with more to come soon.

Infinity (Pre-CU)

Buff botting is a practice that’s as old as the genre, but there’s no denying that it’s pretty dumb. Having player characters (often created for the express purpose of only ever being a buff bot) standing in one place dolling out buffs that are set up on a macro commonly using third-party software encourages neither socialization or immersion.

Yet its a widely accepted practice on most SWG servers, with only some limitations utilized to ensure that it’s non-disruptive. Rather than slam down the ban hammer or work around the problem however, the Infinity server have implemented a whole new Buff Bot system that makes use of actual ‘bots.

It may not be the perfect solution to the buff bot problem (which would probably be to just do away with the need for them altogether), but at least it makes more sense in-universe and it’s always good to see new ways for players to own and use droids.

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