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Star Wars Galaxies Rogue Server Galactic Moon Festival Guide 2022

Your one-stop guide to all the Halloween events running in Star Wars Galaxies this October.

Spoopy season is back in Star Wars Galaxies, so it’s once again time to seek out Z’ozpheratu, grab yourself a costume, and take the Sith O Lanterns out of storage.

Kind of strange that – unlike Life Day and Empire Day – they’ve not yet made the Galactic Moon Festival canon in the Disney-era Star Wars universe, right? Maybe they’ll gift us a Halloween special episode of Andor

If that turns out not to be the case then at least you can get your fill of trick-or-treating fun over on these Star Wars Galaxies rogue servers, which are all hosting events this October.

This list will be updated throughout October 2022 as each server unveils their full plans for the holiday event.

An Empire in Flames (Pre-CU)

Aurora (NGE) *French Language Server*

Beyond (NGE)

Infinity (Pre-CU)

Legends (NGE)

Restoration (CU)

Resurgence (NGE)

  • Costume Contest and Monster Mash (30th October_

Sentinels Republic (Pre-CU)

Sunrunner 2 Halloween Party event poster for Star Wars Galaxies
Sunrunner II

Sunrunner II (Pre-CU)

  • Halloween event (2nd October – ?)
    Includes tamable Necrowolf and Skeletauntaun pets, collection quests, and spooky city invasions.
  • Halloween Party (28th October)
    Costume party, podrace, and zombie invasion.

SWGEmu (Pre-CU)

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